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Lido just remixed Life of Pablo into an 8 minute mix “Life of Peder”

lido-torontoPeder Losnegård knows as Lido to many just dropped a bomb a few minutes ago on his socials. He’s been rather quiet on the music front lately, but you knew something was cooking. Lately, he’s been having trouble with copyright and the flips he’s become known for due to Souncloud… and he’s made his frustrations very public. Anyhoo, in classic Lido fashion he’s taken “Life of Pablo” by Kanye West and flipped the album into “Life of Peder”; his own interpretation of the 2016 album of the year (our opinion). In many way Lido could be the perfect Kanye collaborator. Known for his silky smooth samples and gospel inspired anthems. Lock in for the 8 minute beast.

Release: Albin Myers &Carli – The Legend (Remixes)

artworks-000130612900-6gm06b-t500x500Finding a release through Universal Sweden is the remix EP of the awesome “The Legend” singles from Albin Myers and Carli. The originals were released through Skrillex’s high profile label Nest, and they have now been repackaged in two delightful new formats.

The tracks were both created under the duo’s Busy Tempo alias, and they are throwbacks to that infectious old school sounds of the Nineties. The remix EP comes with two versions – a distinctive club edits that draws on plenty of dynamic piano chords and slick production elements, and the Danger Dub remix that takes the bassline deeper and more progressive.

You can pick up this EP here


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Release: Nause – The World I Know (Remixes ft. UZ & Stranger)

UZArtHaving caught people’s attention with the 80’s retro feel of the original, Swedish house pairing Nause take their recent hit “The World I Know” and draft in two sets of producers to give their own take it.

Up first is UZ & Stranger, who join forces to turn the track on it its head and turn it into a trap driven beast. Pitching and chopping up the vocals on the intro, it builds and twists into a low slung groove led by hi hats and clap drums. The second remix comes courtesy of Samuraii, who strip everything back for a more mellow offering.
They are out via Universal Sweden – grab them here.

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Release: Felon – Isla (Remixes)


For those who caught the stunning “Isla” which was released by UK house act Felon a while back will be pleased to hear it has now commanded its own remix package. Out through Ultra Music today comes a six track edit extravaganza, with plenty of diversity across the board shown.

Babel’s beautifully ethereal remake has to be the standout here with its glorious piano additions, whilst Daktyl’s melodic, electronic cut is another joy to listen to. Making up the rest of the tracklist comes Kydus, De$ignated and Aevion and No Idols. 

This EP is of a great standard, and with such stunning elements such as Kaleem Taylor’s vocals, remixers can’t fail to keep some of the essence of Felon’s original. Grab a copy of this EP here.

Release: Vigiland – Shots & Squats (Remixes)


Now pumping out not one but three massive remixes of their thumping breakout single “Shots & Squats”, Swedish noise makers Vigiland and collaborator Tham Sway destroyed dance floors and speaker stacks worldwide with their shouty rave anthem when it landed.

With a hook so damn catchy and infectious, it’s pretty damn hard not to sing along to, despite its simplistic overtones. Out now and being released by Universal Music, this remix offering serves up three separate dollops of beats for your ears. Covering a number of styles, featured remixers Alpharock, The Voyagers and Enferno pull apart the pieces of “Shots & Squats” and piece them back together.

Morphed into progressive house, bass-led electro and chopped up trap beats, Vigiland’s monster hit is reinvigorated.  You can pick them up here. 

Free Download: Afrojack – SummerThing! (Robert Zayne Remix)

Robert Zayne Afrojack

We’re on the eve of one of the biggest weekends in summer for Canadians… the Civic long weekend, as well as Toronto’s Veld Festival spanning the weekend. To get you into that summer mood our pal Robert Zayne has put together a bright and energetic remix of “SummerThing” by Afrojack.

Peep the free download from Soundcloud below!

Release: Mayor Apeshit – Power To The People (Remixes)


We love a good remix, and today we’ve been treated with a whole stack of them as Mayor Apeshit’s Power To The People has been handed over to 11 different producers. Offering a hugely diverse platter of sounds, this is Rottun Records’ biggest release this year.

The original has done extremely well on its own and when a rapper’s tracks are manipulated in bass music, the results are usually pretty nasty. These are no different, either, as they’re all given a huge amount of impact. Highlights have to be the opener, Dack Janiels’ take on “Black & Blue” and the devastating remix of “9mm & A Rollie” by Kennedy Jones.

If you like your basslines at the forefront and you’re open to an array of different sounds, this is an absolute must. Grab it here.  

Release: Headhunterz – To Be Me ft. Raphaella (Shilo Edit)


We’re all about the latest remix to come out of Ultra Music this week, and you need to get your ears around it. It comes from Shilo, a talented and highly versatile artist, who has given Headhunterz “To Be Me” ft. Raphaella a new lease of life.

With the original already incredibly memorable, Shilo takes elements of it and transforms into a lilting yet rhythmical offering. Seamlessly blending those incredible vocals, a catchy, progressive melody and general warmth to his production, Shilo has definitely won us over with this track.

You can buy it here. 

Release: Excision & The Frim – Night Shine (Remixes)


Making its way out of Rottun Records today is a four-track remix EP based around Excision and The Frim’s expressive “Night Shine” that dropped through the label a while back. Apashe, Bear Grillz, Dion Timmer and Blaynoise have all put forward their reworks in bold style.

Keeping with traditional dubstep roots are Bear Grillz and Dion Timmer – the latter placing most impact on heavily structure drops and an explosive bass line. Apashe delivers a rhythmically pleasing trap edit, whilst Blaynoise hits an electro note with his powerful rework.

Pick up all four remixes here.

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Release: Delta Heavy – Ghost (Zomboy Remix)


Blasting its way out of Ram Records today is the latest single from bass duo Delta Heavy, and also a pair of the remixes of the track which is titled “Ghost.” The remixers are Influx and Zomboy, but it is the latter dubstep badman whose version really hits the spot.

Already an richly layered single, Zomboy keeps some of those distinctive vocals, building plenty of tension before switching things up in his trademark style, leaping into a sequence of violent drops, warps and trap style edits.

If you’re feeling this rework, you can buy a copy here.